Universe as Revelation. An ecomystical theology for Friends

Universe as Revelation. An ecomystical theology for Friends


‘Changing contexts call for fresh theological thinking. This book, written primarily for Quakers but of use and interest to everyone, offers just that. Combining spiritual insight and environmentalist wisdom, Jo Farrow and Alex Wildwood challenge us to think again about the nature of God and our relationship to creation.’ – Ben Pink Dandelion

Jo Farrow was General Secretary of Quaker Home Service at Friends House in London, and wrote The World in My Heart in 1990. In her retirement she began writing this book with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. Alex Wildwood is author of the Swarthmore lecture A Faith to Call Our Own: Quaker tradition and contemporary movements of the Spirit, and co-author with Timothy Ashworth of Rooted in Christianity, Open to New Light.

Together, Jo and Alex have surveyed recent thinking on the spiritual dimension of the environmental crisis and the integrity of creation, and have sought an ecomystical perspective that will serve Quakers and others as we face unprecedented threats to our collective survival.

ISBN: 978-0-9556183-3-8

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