Seeking the Source, by Jan Arriens

Seeking the Source, by Jan Arriens


An earlier book of stories by Jan Arriens, brought back into print by Pronoun Press.

ISBN 978-0-9556183-2-1 (180 pages)

This is a wonderful collection of illustrated stories, set in the mythical town of Prithura in India. Memorable and uplifting, they will appeal to children and adults alike.

Here is a variety of colourful characters: Savitri the beautiful princess who has to choose a bridegroom, Vishnu the pancake seller at the Palace gates, a hermit who strangely takes a position in the town square and street hawkers based near a shrine where food offerings vanish. These gentle but often dramatic tales draw the reader into an inner place of great depth and mystery.

Published in 2005

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Boy with Sitar illustration

Jan Arriens wrote this book drawing on his time in Indonesia and Malaysia as a diplomat in the Australian foreign service. The stories reflect his interest in Quaker themes including non-violence and simplicity.

The stories are Illustrated by Margaret Mence Baker.

“A delightful change from the norm” –The Friend